In our Corporate project, we clearly stated our policy and made choices: our Human Resources policy is a determining factor for Aldes’ performance and sustainable. development

– It is a collective ambition.

– Driven by the General Management and a Management Committee.

– It is a collective ambition shared by all our teams, who adhere to and support it.

– It means knowing how to develop collective intelligence based on skills and motivations of individuals who know how to work together.

– It implies the involvement of all of us in the successful outcome of a collective project, through a delegation system that requires that responsibilities be fully assumed, skills fully mastered, to ensure complementarity.

– It requires individuals who desire to move forward and exceed themselves, achieving self-realisation in the service of a shared project.

– To work together, these individuals share a strong culture – a factor that ensures consistency and mobilisation throughout the Group – and implement the values they have chosen: confidence, commitment, respect for others.

– Confidence in the entrusted mission and the delegation delivered. Have the right to make errors and the obligation to be responsive. Confidence can only exist if there is commitment from those to whom it is granted.

– Commitment to a shared project, for the team to achieve the desired results. Commitment depends on desire, effort and perseverance.

– Respect for others in reciprocal attention, acceptance of differences. In respect of functions, hierarchical responsibilities, other employees and the regulatory framework shared by the company.

Such values are demonstrated and shared by all employees on a daily basis, they slowly but surely become more and more visible so they are not only ‘posted the walls’ but ‘engrained in our habits’.

Do you share our values? Share our project and lead your own.

Aldes Group Human Resources Director