1. For multi-family residences and commercial buildings
  2. For single-family homes

In all residential situations, dwellings must be ventilated because whatever the location, humidity causes damage and when occupants realise this, it is usually too late.

As a forerunner of innovation in ventilation, Aldes has developed systems that can adjust and control airflows using regulation membranes built into the exhaust terminals, to limit losses and adjust exhaust airflows according to the needs of the dwelling.

ALDES REUNION manufactures all the ducts and accessories for these systems on its premises. Our warehouse contains sufficient stock to enable you to start your projects as soon as possible.

Furthermore, assistance may be provided by our design office to help you on your projects.

Our engineers will assist your teams throughout the projects and offer high quality service.

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Principe  of controlled mechanical ventilation system


Example of a single flow ventilation system for an individual house


Example of a double flow ventilation system (without exchanger) in a multi-dwelling building


in red : polluted air

in blue : new and fresh air